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Smarter Formulas

We’re picky when it comes to supplements, we make sure every supplement is made with the most bioavailable formula at the safest and most effective dosage for daily use. We prefer concentrated plant extracts, chelated minerals, and bioactive vitamins over commercial forms with less absorption commonly sold online and in supermarkets.


Better Ingredients

We are obsessed with quality. All our supplements are made in the United States at GMP certified facilities by experienced vendors we trust. We work extensively to source premium supplements with the best ingredients and purity. Our packs are all soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and non-GMO. Some packs are also vegan/vegetarian friendly.


Daily Sustainability

We’re constantly looking for ways to reduce waste. Our boxes and printed materials are locally sourced and made with fully recyclable paper. To keep the supps fresh, they are sealed in BPA-Free food-grade mylar packs with a special lining (similar to coffee packaging). This lining protects supplements against oxidation, moisture, mold and UV damage. The drawback is that only a few facilities in the United States can process this material, so it can be tricky to recycle.

While we work on finding biodegradable solutions that are robust enough, we encourage customers and subscribers to participate in our Recycle Rewards program. You’ll send us your used daily packs in a prepaid mailing pouch that we provide and we'll take care of the rest. You’ll also get $10 off your next box. It’s a win-win!