Our Story

Sam Gharaibeh, Founder

Hi I’m Sam, the founder of Daily Supp Club ™. I have a big passion for genomics, nutrition and lifestyle optimization.

After trying different supplements and products I was left unsatisfied dealing with different set out to simplify life and win back some of my time. To avoid burnout and getting sick, I relied on different stacks of carefully-researched supplements that I took daily. I quickly realized that shopping for bulky bottles each month, hauling them around, and remembering to take them was a huge hassle and not very cost effective. I needed a better solution.

I reached out to dietitians and consulted researchers to help me design high-quality supplement packs that work together in synergy. We wanted the packs to be portable & lightweight so you can bring them anywhere to help you stay consistent. The formulas, ingredients and dosages had to be optimized, transparent and effective. The packaging had to be clear so you don’t have to spend hours analyzing labels and comparing serving sizes. Packs needed to include all the essentials while also being more cost effective than buying each supp separately. We wanted to create a product that didn’t compromise on any of these features.

We are extremely proud to have finally launched the the product we envisioned. Something I truly believe in and use daily. I’m truly grateful for this opportunity and promise we will keep working hard to find creative solutions that only Add More Daily.