Frequently Asked Questions


So what exactly will I get in each box?

Each dispenser box contains 30 daily supplement packs. Each pack contains 4 specialized high-quality supplements. (Total of 120 pills per box)

Can all supplements be taken by men & women?

Absolutely! Our packs are designed to include supplements beneficial and safe for everyday use by both men and women. None of our packs are gender specific. 

Do I need to take the supplements at a specific time?

Nope, you can take them whenever! We recommend taking them earlier in the day with a snack or meal and a full glass of water.

What if I don't have any nutritional deficiencies, can I still take take the supplements?

Yes! All our supplements are dosed to be safe and effective for daily maintenance. As with any new dietary supplement, you should consult your doctor before use if you have any health issues, allergies, are pregnant, nursing or taking any prescription or over-the-counter medication.   

When can I expect my to get my supps?

Your supps should arrive within 3-5 business days after your purchase. Currently we only ship within the United States. 

What if I have questions about a pack, supplement or general info like billing, shipping, etc?

No problem. Just shoot us an email at We typically respond within 24 hours. 

How do I know the supplements are safe?

For us safety is priority. All of our supplements are produced and tested in GMP certified facilities by trusted vendors in the United States. Supplements are then inspected, packaged and labeled with full compliance of cGMP standards set by the FDA. If you have questions about a specific ingredient or supplement shoot us an email and we'd be happy to assist. 

If you happen to experience any adverse reactions to our products please discontinue use immediately and seek medical attention.

There are some supplements on market that aren't included in any of the packs. Why is that?

We design our packs to only include supplements that have years of strong evidence showing both effectiveness and safety. Some products sold on the market today don't really do much, and even worse, may have a negative impact on your health in the long run. Our research team is constantly following the science and will be announcing new packs down the line. If you have a specific product you think we should look into adding, please email us at

Do you have a pack for kids or teens?

Currently all our packs are intended for use by adults 18 years or older. It's usually best to consult your doctor before giving any dietary supplements to kids or teens.

What if I'm not satisfied with my purchase?

We are confident you’ll love our packs, but if for any reason you're not 100% satisfied, contact us at within 30 days of your purchase to request a refund.

Learn more in our Terms & Conditions.

Is the checkout secure? Is my information safe?

Absolutely. Our secure checkout is handled exclusively by Stripe. We use the highest level SSL encryption technology to secure all transactions. We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal and ApplePay.

What is the packaging made of?

To ensure potency and freshness, our supplements are packaged in sealed food grade Mylar packs that are BPA-free and FDA/USDA complaint. The special lining on the inside protects supplements against oxidation, moisture, mold and UV damage. Our boxes are sourced and printed locally using recycled paper.

Can I recycle the empty packs?

Yes, sort of. While Mylar is the gold standard for food and coffee packaging, only a handful of locations in the United States recycle this material. We know these packs can add up, so we encourage subscribers and customers to send us their used packs as part of our Recycle Rewards program. We'll take care of the rest. (as thank you, you’ll $10 off your next box!). Learn more about our program here.